Eco Lite Detergent Powder

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Eco Lite Detergent Powder

Eco Lite Detergent Powder is a perfect laundry product required by every household. Optical Brightener gives and retains full whiteness. Jasmine provides delightful fragrance.

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Optical Brightener and Jasmine.


Soak laundry in warm detergent water solution for 15 minutes. Wash for 15-20 minutes and then rinse in clean water. Squeeze or spin the clothes before sun drying. Soak the extremely dirty clothes in warm detergent water solution for one hour.


Especially formulated to eradicate body oil and grease etc. It enhances the shelf life of clothes. Clothes will neither shrink nor fade even wash after wash. Fragrance of Jasmine gives refreshing feel to the clothes.


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