IMC Herbal Neem Dhoop Stick

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IMC Herbal Neem Dhoop Stick

IMC Herbal Neem Dhoop Stick pack encompasses mesmerizing aroma dhoop sticks. You can use these herbal sticks while meditating or relaxing or for offering your prayers. Have a heavenly aroma environment and purified atmosphere with IMC Herbal Neem Dhoop Stick.



Neem Powder, Camphor Oil, Citronella Oil and Joss Powder.


Open the box and pick one stick. Light the tip of the dhoop stick. Gently extinguish the flame by blowing or fanning. Place it on appropriate incense stand.


It creates a positive, holy, happy, and peaceful atmosphere around you. It is eco – friendly and carbon-free. It safeguards against many illnesses and saves yourself and your family from malaria, dengue as camphor and neem have medicinal properties. When burned, it purifies the home and drives away negative energy. It also relieves stress, depression, and anxiety.


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